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The Way We Work + -

Iron Music is an independent record label that operates in the record production and distribution industry. The focus at Iron Music is on signing new artists in the Urban genre as well as providing those individuals with the necessary marketing and promotion to help sell their music and build their brand. Our focus on the digital environment of the industry allows Iron Music to keep costs low relative to competitors as well as achieve a reach far beyond the immediate markets we operate in.

The goal at Iron Music is to provide new artists with the tools and resources necessary to create a career out of their music. Our new artist lineup allows Iron Music to concentrate all of our efforts on combating the issue of misrepresentation in the industry. Through artist development and continuous marketing and promotional efforts, Iron Music will create a platform that new artists look up to and aspire to be a part of.

History + -

Iron Music was founded in 2021 by Alessandro Riggio and Alicia Ramos. Ms Ramos would like to use her 5+ years of freelance and professional experience, including experience at Universal Music Group, BMG, among others and taking advantage of Mr Reggio’s expertise in Marketing both want to solve a big problem in the music industry: the lack of information and support for new artists and the limited diffusion and reach it has on online platforms.

Philosophy + -

Equality, creative freedom and innovation are the three values that drive Iron Music and ensure that company direction remains consistent. Creating equality in the industry. Providing creative freedom for our artists. Innovation to compete.

Vision + -

Our company’s vision is to become an internationally distributed record label that is known for its lineup of incredibly talented and creative new artists. iron Music will be comprised entirely of new talent performing acts, creating a position in the market that is currently non-existent (search for a lineup made up only of new talent, producers, songwriters, performers). We will help locate and develop new talent, as well as doing everything within our power to properly market and promote artists and their products.


Social media marketing

We keep social networks active and attract potential consumers by creating quality content, managing publications, designing the strategy, optimizing publications... We specialize in driving organic traffic, as well as maximizing conversions and engagement via social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook & YouTube.

Digital streaming promotion

Our specialist pitching service guarantees organic and algorithmic growth on different music platforms, providing the best chance of success.

Strategy and campaign management

We guide the client in the creation and publication of its project. We create unique, goal-driven campaign strategies in several key areas to help connect with the target audience and grow the project organically at a fast pace.

Branding and graphic design

Without an attractive and compelling image, the artist will not inspire the necessary confidence or appeal to his target audience. For this reason, we take care of creating the artist's corporate identity: logos, posters, album covers, design for social networks...

Audiovisual and multimedia

We take care of the production of music, corporate, documentary, commercial and promotional videos, adapting to the style and needs of the client. Creativity and efficiency are our greatest strengths.

Digital strategy & positioning

We offer Digital Marketing services adapted to the artist's needs. We have a team of specialists in web design and development, SEO, content marketing, social media, e-mail marketing, online advertising and web analytics. We analyze the situation carefully and improve it.

Iron Music operates in the music industry mainly as Music Publishing along with companies such as Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group and Sony Music.


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    Content Publishing

    We help you create the right editorial plan for you to increase growth, monetization and strengthen your community



    We help you to increase your audience by using the perfect tools to you


    “The secret to success is to do the common things uncommonly well. Be creative!”






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      We support our customers in planning strategy and goal setting , awareness development , content creation , community management , online reputation management , advertising campaign creation and networking.

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      We support our customers in planning strategy and goal setting, awareness development, content creation, community management, online reputation management, advertising campaign creation and networking.


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